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What does it look like?

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Fun, Silly, Wild - with the right teachers, easy enough for you to do! 

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Swing dancers invent moves constantly, and movements are inspired by what's being said in the music. Mistakes are part of creating something interesting. Face it: This Swing Is HOT! 

Line Dances - Jitterbug Stroll, Smiley's Charleston, The Shim Sham. Jitterbug Stroll is an original from Steven Mitchell - one of my favorite instructors. The original Shim Sham (originally called the Goofus) created by tap dancer Leonard Reed in 1927. There were many alternate choreography developed since the original. There are three major variations: Dean Collins shim sham, Al Minns and Leon James shim sham, and the great Frankie Manning shim sham. "Lindy Revival" is gearing up for more performances. 

"Lindy Revival" is our Dance Troup - here is the "Splanky" performance Memorial Day 2008! We are even more fun to watch, today!


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