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Promoter / Follow Instructor - Wendy Wenck Craighill jumped aboard the Swing Dance Craze following the "Gap Kids" commercials in 2001. Within a year of her first lesson, Wendy taught a workshop. She has a passion for the "swing era" of the 1940's - a love of the music, the vintage styles, and the powerful and innovative style of Lindy Hop. Striving to be an active and expressive partner while dancing to the beat of her own drum, she follows all partner dances, but her focus and proficiency is in Lindy Hop. And though she has had experience with performance, Wendy’s passion is for social dancing. As a teacher, Wendy emphasizes connection and communication between partners as the essential building blocks of good dancing and builds strong partner connection and awareness, solid technique, and musicality into all curricula.

Lead Instructor - Stewart Pittman has only been taking Lindy Hop classes for a little over a year but his talent is appreciated by all the Follows. His background is music, coaching, teaching, and keeping the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Fife & Drum beating, perfectly. Welcome Stewart and be sure to ask him to dance, at 8 pm.

SPONSORS of events and performances, past

  • Junior League of Hampton Roads, Williamsburg Parks & Recreation, Merchant Square, A Carols Alize Bistro, Second Street, City Grill, Greenleaf Cafe, Ghost Tours, Blue Talon Bistro, Shacklefords, Hooters, Center Street Grill, Seasons, Cheeburger Cheeburger, Ichiban, California Tortilla, Sal's, Ghost Tours, Green Leaf Cafe, Three Olives, 7-11, & Ledo Pizza, Williamsburg Inn, Kimball Theater, Trellis, Williamsburg Winery


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